Arya Baron Co.
Arya Baron roof and wall panels manufacturing Co. was established in 2004 in Mashhad. The manufacturing halls and head office are located in north of Mashhad and Asian Highway. 
Arya Baron Co. utilizes the most advanced European machineries in all its production aiming to get access to markets of neighboring countries, Middle East and countries border the Persian Gulf.
Techno Panel Co. has been active in the fields of design, manufacture and distribution of different types of shadow line sheets, sandwich panel, injection polystyrene and expanded polystyrene. Having the most recent technology in this field, this company manufactures and distributes shadow line sheets, urethane sandwich panels, Styrofoam blocks with large varieties and circulation. Considering the customer oriented policy of our company, our objective is to provide high quality and standard products to customers in the field of industrial construction. That is why Arya Baron is one of the best sandwich panel manufacturers in Iran and has succeeded in obtaining certificate of ISIRI and manufacturing all its products in accordance with this standard. 
This company utilizes all its skill, which is the result of years of learning and experiencing, so that it could make preeminent goods with international quality. 
The market basket of Arya Baron Co. is described as follows:
Polyurethane roof sandwich panels are designed in two forms of ardoise – first manufactured in Iran- and Trapezius shadow line with trapezius five pitch with 1000mm width, the bottom and upper sheets of these sandwich panels are made from pre-painted galvanized steel sheets, Aluzinc sheets or pre-painted aluminum sheets. 
Polyurethane wall sandwich panels in 25 to 30mm parts with two galvanized, Aluzinc or aluminum pre-painted and steel sheets 
Polyurethane wall sandwich panels with one plasterboard cover and one fiberglass sheet
Styrofoam building blocks which are called
Styrofoam roof blocks
3D walls
Dropped ceiling made from …
Polyurethane decorative wallboards for interior and exterior facades
Fixed and mobile shelters for different uses:
Urban and suburban post controls
Observation towers equipped with security facilities
Prayer rooms in garrisons, camps, …
Dispatch and control room
Administrative offices
Restroom and bathrooms
Workshop equipment 
Shelter in earthquake-stricken and flood-stricken areas
Telecommunication – BTS
Mobile bakeries
Shop and storeroom
Bus stop
Water pump station 
Pre-fabricated buildings with metal structure in one or two stories in the form of bolt and screw
Buildings door made from 

Introduction to Hami Sanat Group Co.  
Relying on 40 years of experience of Mohammadzadeh Industrial Group, Hami Sanat Group Co. was established in 2008 as one of the subsidiary companies with the aim of developing specialized power and covering the necessities of group companies in providing types of sheets, plastic parts, wiring harness, cables and standard smart boards. 
The nominal annual capacity of this company is 7200 tonne of different kinds of plastic parts and sheets and more than 500000 types of wiring harness, electronic smart board and cable for using in home appliances manufacturing industries. The production capacity has been promoted beyond the limit due to proper management of resources and factors of production.
This company is known as the only manufacturer of different types of plastic sheets in Khorasan province and one of the biggest producers of sheets and plastic parts in Iran; having employed more than 200 people in industrial zone of Fariman, this company has been elected as the exemplar industrial unit, premier entrepreneur of the province and also one of the Iranian nominees of industrial community in 2019.
Enjoying top-notch machineries of this production line, which belongs to America, Germany, Korea and China, is the distinguished feature of this company compared to other companies active in Iran. 
Following the standard tips, providing the best raw materials from national and abroad resources, proper personnel training, employing the best design for adding variety to products, manufacturing parts by the largest and the most professional mold producers in national and international level, and also benefitting from the expert staff responsible for quality supervision in all steps from laboratory test of raw material to sampling, controlling final products and finally using new quality and management systems, this company is considered as a preeminent unit. 


Introduction to Negin Sanat Kavian Co. 
Negin Sanat Kavian Co. was established and started its activity in November 2009 with the aim of completing the production cycle and process of refrigeration products in industrial zone of Fariman (Kavian Industrial Estate). 
Utilizing the best Italian machineries and molds with annual nominal capacity of 1500000 of different types of evaporators and condensers of No Frost refrigerators for domestic, industrial and store uses, various types of evaporators and fridge condensing units, manufacturing 3600 tonne plastic sheets (ABS, HIPS) annually, having employed more than 100 experienced and professional human resources, this company is known as the biggest manufacturing unit of these types of products in province providing the products with best quality in Iran. 
Using professional computational software for precise engineering calculations, and doing various researching related to the variety of products which leads to better quality of cooling in using the products of this company by manufacturers of the refrigeration final products are among the distinguishing features of this company compared to its competitors. Thus, this complex is considered as the first manufacturer of No Frost aluminum evaporators in Iran for refrigerators with domestic uses which had at least 4,000,000 dollar currency saving for the country. By utilizing precise molds with the least production error tolerance, supplying the raw materials with best quality in accordance with engineered products, quality supervision from supply to different phases of manufacture, and delivery of final products based on the high quality of machineries, this company has become one of the newest competitors in domestic and regional production.