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  • Is after delivery payment available?

    In online shopping you can finalize your purchase only upon final payment.

  • Can I order a product that is not available on the website?

    Selecting and ordering is only available and active only for the goods available on the website. 

  • When I registered my order what number shall I dial to receive my goods sooner?

    You cannot change the time of delivery, and priority is given to those applicants who have registered their orders sooner.

  • How can I learn about the prices of other products?

    It is not possible to receive the list of all products or special products which are not available on the website. But you can see and review the products ready to sell with the approved prices. 

  • How can I be informed of the exact time of delivery?

    Revising, preparing and distributing the orders take 3 to 7 working days on the average. In order to determine the exact time of delivery, our co-workers will contact you via the phone number registered in your profile. 

  • Is the delivery man responsible for installing the device as well?

    No. For installing the device, you can contact +98 51 3132. Your request will be processed as soon as possible. 

  • How can I be ensured that the device will be delivered?

    Trust Mark (Enamad) inserted on the website represents the official activity license of website under the supervision of Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade. 

  • I have examined my product on the website but the price is different in the market. The seller stated that the difference is in warranty. Is this reason correct?

    The price inserted on the website is based on the approved price excluding the freight charge. In towns, the price is different to some extent due to freight charges. The warranty of products is under warranty of Electro Poshtiban. In case of observing any significant difference with the prices announced by the agency, please contact +9851 5153.

  • Probable reason why display indicator shows CONNECTION ERROR?

    The connection between monitor and processor is cut, but the device continues to work normally. For reconnecting, contact authorized services providers.

  • Probable reason why display indicator of the refrigerator shows SYSTEM ERROR?

    The door is half open. The door of the freezer compartment has been opened and closed too many times. The food inside the freezer compartment exceeds the capacity limit. The selected degree of thermostat should be increased. The condenser is not clean. The condenser fan does not work. The inside fan does not work. 

  • Probable reason why cooling water of the refrigerator leaks?

    The washer of water cooler is sedimented. Loosen the screw below the source and wash it. Sticky liquids e.g. cola and syrup are used inside the water cooler source. Wash the source and washer.

  • Probable reason why water does not flow from water dispenser of the refrigerator?

    The source of water dispenser is not adjusted. Fix it again. The source of water dispenser has no water. 

  • Probable reason why digital monitor of the refrigerator freezes?

    The energy flux is high. Remove the device plug from socket for 20 minutes. In case of recurring, using automatic transformer is obligatory. 

  • Probable reason why the body of device is electrified?

    Your electricity system is not standard and the neutral charge is electrified. The electrical outlet does not have earthing system. Install the suitable earthing wire to the body. Reverse the plug in the socket. 

  • Probable reason why the partition in front of the single door refrigerator frosts excessively?

    The temperature volume is high for the place in use. You have placed the food stuff too near to the partition on the back. Warm food is placed in upper compartment (under thermostat). The fan inside the refrigerator does not work. The door of the device has been open for too long. The temperature of device is warmer than the allowed range.

  • Probable reason why fruit compartment in the single door refrigerator leaks?

    Foods are placed on the drain pipe and have blocked its way. Clean the mouth of the drain pipe (the hole above fruit holder on the cabin). You have put food stuff too close to the partition on the back. 

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